4 ways to get your Marketing done | BOSDaily#006

On todays BOSDaily we discuss 4 ways to get your marketing done.

As mentioned in post #005's summary of Empire Flippers podcast 181 where they interviewed Greg Mercer from Jungle Scout all were of the opinion and i couldn't agree more that killer marketing can be just as important as having a high quality product these days.

Lets jump right into it as todays post is going to be a short one as we've got a huge workload on at the moment - Hiring new Pirates to hijack businesses and turn them into brand powers!!

Social Pirate Co Digital Marketing Agencies

1) Hire an Agency - I might be a little bias here as one of the Social Pirate Co's key roles when transforming a clients business on almost all occasions is completely overhauling their Marketing efforts.
The best part about going through an agency is that defining the role or scope of work isn't up to you. It's the agencies job to know exactly what you need, when it needs to be implemented and how it will all be done.
Cost wise I always advise going with an agency that works on a month to month basis. You don't want to be locked into some underperforming agency 6 months in with nothing to show for your hard hard spendings. Typically Marketing agency fees range from $1000 - $7500 a month with what they will actually do for that price varying greatly between firms.
A lot of them also have an initial set up fee but i advise to steer clear of these as they are more concerned with getting your money on a short term contract then actually delivering you any real value and having a long term business relationship with you. 

2) Upwork - I have used Upwork (Previously ODesk) in the past for a whole host of different reasons. From Graphic Designers & SEO to Virtual Assistants & Recruitment it is extremely useful for finding highly specialised freelancers at very good rates. (This doesn't mean go for the cheapest).
The trick I have found with Upwork is to be very very specific when posting your job requirements. Look over the current jobs advertised and what the "Highest paid + Most hours completed + 90% Job success rate Freelancers in that field are writing on their listings. Here you will be able to get the appropriate lingo to post of your job requirements.

Once you have posted a job my own method has always been to hire someone who: -

  • Fits your criteria as best as possible
  • Has a 90% Job success rate
  • has over $10k in previous pay
  • has an hourly rate 20% lower than you had budgeted for. (This allows you to pay then a bonus incentive for completing excellent work)

Once i find a list of appropriate candidates I ask them to do a trial task for free (normally something which i deem to take 1-2 hours). Once completed I engage them all in a 1:1 conversation and talk with them as if we were friends. I ask about their hobbies and so forth so that i can get a grasp on their English skills. 
I ALWAYS put all freelancers on a 3 month probation and over load them with work from day dot. I do this to see how they handle the stress and as I am unaware of their capabilities in the beginning Im often surprised with how much they can achieve.

Business Marketing | Social Pirate Co

3) Forums and Facebook Groups - Finding Forums and Groups on Facebook and other places can be a valuable source for recruiting talent. Simply looking through current posts, threads and comments in the space you are wanting to hire will put forth some incredible talented people.
Reaching out to them and seeing if they are keen to do some work for you is often quiet easy as if they have time to be posting and commenting its more then likely they have some spare time and will be willing to exchange that for paid work in the field which interests them. 

4) TAFE's + Colleges + Universities - Most educational facilities in Australia (and the world for that fact) Have community noticeboards these days online. Posting on them is not limited to students. One of the best things about posting job listings here is that you will:

  • Normally find a more well rounded specialist who is up to date with the latest education and tech.
  • Be able to get relatively cheap labour or even Interns.
  • Get someone who is wanting to prove them selves in a position that they can stay in until finishing their studies.
  • Access a freelancer who is part of a community of like minded people so that when something arrises that they are unaware of how to complete they will source the information from around them.
  • Students should all be seeking hands on experience within their industry before completing their study. If you can show them how this Jobe will help them in their future it's a win win. 

I hope these few ideas help. I have used all of these on numerous occasions over the last 10 years and can personally recommend them all as a great way to not only find your way around the marketing landscape but also for almost all roles.


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