Guide to Content Creation | Part 3 - The Content Pyramid - BOSDaily#004

And now we get to the good stuff. 

How exactly do we make enough content to service today's digital marketing needs??

I Present to you The Content Pyramid


The Pyramid Works from the bottom up as follows:

Initial Filming of Video Content:
This is the raw unedited content. The long tail content if you wish. Imagine if you filmed a whole day within your brand - From start to finish. The amount of incredible short tail content that could be pulled out of it would be mind-boggling. 
Even Simply organizing a video camera and a photo camera to take content pieces from half an hour of your day produces a gold mine.

2-5 Minute Montages: 
From the Initial Filming Stage we can break this up into usable 2-5 minute segments that can be posted on an array of Platforms. These could be pieces like Product reviews on your website, Vlog style pieces on YouTube or Informative and Educational pieces.

30 Seconds - 2 Minutes Montages:
Once again from the initial Filming of the Content stage, we can gather even more of these 30 seconds to 2-minute snippets of content. These are perfect for platforms like Instagram TV, Facebook, YouTube, Websites and so forth.

5- 30-second snippets:
This is the stage where we start to get more targeted with who we are hoping to engage with certain pieces. Social Media Ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and more are at present incentivizing brands to use short video footage when advertising instead of pictures by lowering the cost of ad space and showcasing video more frequently. 
Recently released statistics state that the attention span of people between the ages of 18 - 44 has dropped to somewhere around 7 - 15 seconds. This presents us with the potential to create literally dozens of short snippets from a few hours of footage. 

Still Images:
Within every filmed piece of footage there lies hundreds of opportunities for the perfect photo. Couple this with someone who is dedicated solely to gathering still images and the amount of image content is huge. 

Text + Vocal: 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words... But whats often not obvious is how many words can be conjured from simply looking at a picture.
From full-length stories to single word captions the right words can increase a piece of contents value dramatically. 
Even with the removal of the images and film the words them self if the constructed right can portray a completely different feeling and mental image. 

So what does all this mean and how can it be used?

Let's use an example from a recent content shoot we strategized for.
Before the shoot, we came up with 10 Blog articles that we wanted to have content for. From this, we had a clear direction for the style of filming that was going to take place, the photos that would be taken and the style of writing that would follow.  
Every person who was present at the shoot was given a role to fulfill. 
We had a professional filmer on Video, two people on iPhones for Video (one for Landscape and one for Portrait ), two separate people on iPhones for stills (once again one for Landscape and one for Portrait). We also had one person whos simple role was to come up with questions, information and written content around the day. Finally, we put a voice recording device in the center of the room (hidden from cameras) to get any interesting pieces of information which may come out so we didn't have to have it regurgitated if missed.  

So how much content did we get?

From this single day and 5 content gatherers we gained enough USABLE content for.. Wait for it...

- 3 x Long-tailed pieces of video footage. (I call these the masters)
- 56 x 2-5 minutes video montage pieces
- 142 x 30 second - 2-minute video montage pieces
- 190 x  5 - 30-second video snippets
- 362 Incredible photos
- and not just the initial 10 Blog articles but an additional 12 articles (22 in total) 

That's a total of 775 pieces of content. 

So there you have it.
With the right planning and framework, gathering content can become incredibly efficient and effective.

This concludes our Guide to Content Creation series. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some bonus additional hints and tips.


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