Lets Talk Dux-Soup | BOSDaily#008

I want to quickly talk today about Dux-soup. Its a marketing tool designed for Linkedin that lets you visit peoples profiles based on an inputted search criteria. Now I'm not entirely sure if that violates LinkedIn's terms of use so it will be interesting to see how this tool evolves in the coming months. 

For Example:
Let's say you want to search for all people who have worked for Jeep Australia, who live in Sydney, are female and have a digital marketing degree. Boom its got you covered. Not only is it going to bring up their profiles but it's going to give you their email addresses and will let you tag and contact these people.

To me, the most valuable part of this is getting the email addresses. This allows you to recharge these people with Email Direct Marketing (EDM). EDM's are still one of the most valuable and cost-effective forms of Digital Marketing mainly because once you have an email address it costs nothing to send an email unlike other forms of advertising. The secret with a good EDM is to make it personalised, have content which is not only informative and engaging but is presented in a visually exciting way.

Talking about this has actually got me thinking and I'm going to do a post next week regarding EDM's, how to structure them and the best ways to see actual revenue created by them plus much more.




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