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  • Guide to Content Creation | Part 3 - The Content Pyramid - BOSDaily#004

    And now we get to the good stuff.  How exactly do we make enough content to service today's digital marketing needs?? I Present to you The Content ...
  • Guide to Content Creation | Part 2 - The frame work of Content Creation - BOSDaily#003

    When it comes to Content Creation there are 5 simple questions to ask yourself before starting the process. 1) WHAT'S MY PURPOSE? Having a predef...
  • Guide to Content Creation | Part 1 - The Beginning - BOSDaily#002

    We hear it every single day......
    Content, content, content!!! You have to produce more content. Over the coming 5 part series we're going to show you exactly how all the big shot Digital Marketing firms are creating content for all their different channels with simple and easy to understand steps.

  • Whats the Social Pirate all about? - BOSDaily#001

    On top of not only offering a paid service to help you tweak the absolute shit out of your business and turn it into a profit generating machine we want to provide you with the content to make the changes your self if tats what you want to do.