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Social Media Management | Socialpirateco

Social Media has become the best form of advertising for businesses in today's market. There are so many businesses that are not hitting the mark but. Let the Social Pirate Co take the hard work out of it.
This package includes:
5-7 Post a week
5 a minimum of 5 stories a week.
(numbers vary depending on identified business needs)
For an extra $200 all Engagement will be done for you.
Social Media Strategising - Social media has become one of the most important pillars in the branding journey of almost all businesses in this day and age. With the right strategy conquering this foreign to some landscape can be as easy as cooking toast. We will identify which mediums should be utilised, eg Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. Then we will develop the right strategy around getting you the best results.
Social Media Management - Once an appropriate strategy has been developed implementing it and making sure your customers are being engaged with in the right ways is the trick to ongoing success and a rapid rise in sales. 

Content Creation - Content is simply ways to show the world who you are as a business and what you offer. There are so many different channels to showcase your brands content in today's business world it can often be a juggle making time to create what's needed. The Social Pirate co takes care of that for you.
* All Charges are based on a monthly retainer fee. We require 30 days notice for all retainer cancellations as we plan 30 days in advance for all works. This ensures that everything is a coherent team effort. Purchasing a packing is for your first month's retainer only. For all inquiries please email us HERE.

Social Media Management | Socialpirateco