Looking for ways to grow your business while enabling yourself to enjoy more free time?
One-on-one coaching is the fastest way to take your business to the next level.
It is designed for business owners and Entrepreneurs who are looking to:
Start a business from scratch or validate a new exciting idea
Take their business up to the next level
Reduce the business’s reliance on the owner by putting in place a team and systems;
Prepare their business for sale.
How does it work?
Any one-on-one coaching assignment begins with an “alignment consultation”. Together we asses the current state of your business, Idea and life and aligns them to your long term goals and look at what strategies may need to be put in place.  
 The Social Pirate co takes your long term goals and translate them into shorter term objectives, building an action plan around them.  From there on in we will meet with you on at regular intervals to ensure the effective implementation of your strategy.  
Once you make the commitment to succeed, we can help you:
Rapidly expand your customer base through effective marketing and improved lead-to-customer conversion rates.
Increase your revenue through repeat business and higher average sales per customer.
Introduce new products and enter new markets.
Work less hours by implementing systems that create a more effective workforce
Increase the value of your business in the marketplace (this may be a prelude to your exit strategy!)
Combine both business and personal goals, and work to make them a reality.
Beat the habits that have held you and your business back.
Review and advise on commercial viability of existing plan or idea.
Get clarity on strategy and USP.
Create a high quality business plan that will impress potential investors/creditors
Get a detailed action plan into place with strategies broken down into clear steps ready to be implemented
Over the course of coaching, you’ll learn:
How to get your business to start generating cash as quickly as possible.
How to stay on top of your finances.
How to start building and managing a team.
How to set your business up for growth.
Much, much more.
Will the coaching sessions be relevant to my business or industry?
The topics cover all key business fundamentals which are the basis of all businesses and industries. These include sales, marketing, team management and systems.
Individual support is consistently provided to ensure learnings are being implemented in the business.
If you want to start your journey now contact us today!