Email & Messenger Marketing

Our email designs get better results – it’s that simple

One-of-a-kind emails that fit your brand. Effortlessly create, send and optimise your email campaigns in minutes.

Get more from your email marketing

Emails are the pulse of a growing business. At Social Pirate Co we take the fuss out of sending emails by producing email templates that a versatile and easy to use from one campaign to the next. Effortlessly send great looking HTML email campaigns to your customers and track campaign success. Lower the cost of new customer acquisition and keep in touch with your customers with an extremely easy to use email campaign manager.




Adding Facebook Messenger into the old Email Marketing conversation has dramatically changed the game!! 

Some of our most meaningful conversation happen via Messenger so let AI increase your sales today.



Messenger Will Become The Biggest Marketing Channel In The Next 5 Years.

You will be using messenger for your purchases, customer service, lead generation, content distribution, market research, sales, segmentation, targeting and more…


Benefits of Messenger Marketing

Interactive Conversational Software within Facebook

By utilising a facebook messenger chatbot, you can serve and reach out to customers 24/7 and engage in personalised conversations in an automated environment. Messenger Chatbots have 80+% open rates and 20+% click through rates, showing customers today are more interested in messaging businesses.

Facebook messenger bots can be used as lead generation chatbots, drip campaign chatbots or simply customer service chatbots. The possibilities are endless. Use the power of AI to qualify leads, nurture prospects, and provide automated interactions whilst saving time and cost.

Did You Know?

Messenger open rates are 4x that of email open rates. There are 1.3B Monthly Users on Facebook Messenger. This is where your customers are! Exceptional Customer Experience